Bandcamp Misanthropy – Vol. 1

The bottomless wellspring of Bandcamp is overflowing with great shit just waiting to be discovered. This series aims to shine light on the freshest emanations and foulest incantations from its darkest corners, a few artists at a time. Here’s the first installment for your vulgar delectation. Enjoy.


Artist: Altars of Ash and Bone

Release: I

Year: 2017

Opening with droning rhythmic tones that go on just long enough to lull your mind into a calm, meditative state; you’d be forgiven for thinking you had a fair idea of what the first track ‘Molten Spheres of Conscience’ has in store for you before the first crashes of distorted drums and the raking claws of rawer-than-hell guitar squall scrape down the inside of your skull and let you know that you were very, very wrong. From then on, it’s all over as twenty five minutes of the harshest audio hate assail your senses and make you wonder if you shouldn’t just end it all now. Five tracks of annihilating noise, black sludge and howls like nails on a chalkboard; it’s up for name-your-price download with a few hand-dubbed tapes still available too.


Artist: Ergerlig

Release: Ritual 

Year: 2017

Australian one-man project Ergerlig’s first proper release is pulverising. With barely a break from the blast and absolutely no bells or whistles, this is grim, cold, unholy orthodox black metal made to beat you into submission. Cop a name-your-price download and support the ‘Ritual’. Kvlt stuff.


Artist: Styggdød

Release: Vol 1

Year: 2016

The impressive debut EP from Australian Joseph Bird, ‘Vol 1’ feels like the beginnings of something truly special. From the howling Xasthur-like misery of opener ‘Priests Ov His Sunken Order Beckon’ to the stirring Darkthrone-esque riffs contained in final offering ‘Whispers From The Abyss’, it’s a totally engaging melding of influences and styles into a grim new form that leaves you craving more. Which is ace, because there is more on the way. One to watch for the future, jump on the name-your-price download for these three excellent tracks and get pumped for more Styggdød; you just know this project is only going to get even better.


Artist: Synodic

Release: Large Magellanic Cloud

Year: 2017

And finally, something for the more astronomically-minded: USBM duo Imber and Myrdin describe their project Synodic as “cosmic black metal portraying the heavy dark elements of the universe through music”, and that’s a fairly apt description. The project has only been active since February and they’ve just dropped their first track: the hefty ‘Large Magellanic Cloud’, a taster for their upcoming debut album ‘Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe’. Ten minutes of epic, sprawling atmosphere and dense instrumentation with lyrics that would make Carl Sagan proud; this definitely leaves you curious as to where the project will go next, as your body probably floats slowly off into the immensity of space.


Submissions for possible inclusions in future volumes are welcome.

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  1. Yo great songs I like them all and I’m a full out music junky I love Metal, Heavy Metal even Dark Metal like It’s just an great genre but after listening to Large Magellanic Cloud I have to say this just brought a new much darker and cosmic style to music. I feel like I’m wondering around in the dark depths of the universe passing through many star clusters, nebulas and dark holes to me all together It’s just astronomical I like it a lot can’t wait to hear the next one Synodic

    Liked by 1 person

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