Bandcamp Misanthropy – Vol. 2

The bottomless wellspring of Bandcamp is overflowing with great shit just waiting to be discovered. This series aims to shine light on the freshest emanations and foulest incantations from its darkest corners, a few artists at a time. Here’s the second installment for your vulgar delectation. Enjoy.


Artist: Sores

Year: 2017

Released a few weeks ago, the first demo from the Greek duo of N.D and Sacreligious’ project Sores is two tracks of raw storming black metal with tense riffs and tortured vocals that if you’ve ever wondered what sitting in the next room over from an exorcism being performed sounds like, will fill your void nicely. These sores aren’t weeping, they’re more of the crusty scabbed variety that still hurts like fuck when you scatch it but you do it anyway ‘cos it feels good. Pick up both tracks ‘The Cage I Call Life Part I and II’ for 1€, or snap up one of the very limited hand-numbered cd-r/tapes out through Liver Damage Records.


Artist: Belus

Year: 2016

USBM trio Belus’ two song ‘Demo MMXV’ was birthed back in 2015 but they have a freshly recorded new album just waiting to be released, so while you wait check this name-your-price download out and get keen. The first mystical, serpentine track weaves its way through your brain then bludgeons you with fuzzed out riffs before the second offering lays the groovy doom vibes on even thicker amidst raging black metal thunder. Oh, and there’s a rumour they’re being courted by Vendetta for their debut full-length. Neat.


Artists: Black Candle RitualHowling Ruins

Year: 2017

This was put on my radar by Myrdin of Synodic (featured last week in Vol. 1) and man do I owe him one, this is excellent. The first side of USBM split ‘Death Fathom: The Glorification of Human Suffering’ belongs to Black Candle Ritual, and straight out of the gates the hellish raw atmosphere hits right where you want it to. Primitive riffs cut through the murk where needed and make you bang your head before the soulful claws-to-the-sky grimness kicks back in to incredible effect. Gripping satanic black metal art.

Then side two kicks in, and holy shit the rawness makes Black Candle Ritual seem positively refined by comparison. With little regard for sonic safety, Howling Ruins take you on a journey through pure hatred of life with a harshness bordering on noise and vocals that really are something to behold. You know those splits where the two artists perfectly compliment each other and it lifts the whole thing to a new level? This is one of those. Black Candle Ritual summon hell and Howling Ruins are your mind being lost as your flesh melts away in its flames. Hails. Pick it up from Tiamat Productions, and check out their other releases while you’re there.


Artist: A Mournful Path

Year: 2016

Australian brothers David and Michael Romeo released their first track as A Mournful Path right at the tail end of last year, and boy what a track it is. Blistering, hypnotic atonal fury of the Deathspell variety but with more than enough points of difference to warrant repeat listens, they also list Sylvia Plath amongst their influences, which is intriguing. Check out ‘From the Wreckage of Humiliation’.


Artist: Deadwood Lake

Year: 2016

And finally, we have the remarkable debut album by atmospheric UK trio Deadwood Lake, ‘Remembrance’. Remarkable not due to technical proficiency or anything like that, but because the album has transcended itself in a way: Vocalist/bassist Bruce Powell tragically lost his brother in 2015, and he formed this band and recorded this album as a tribute. You don’t feel like you’re listening to another atmospheric black metal album and therefore don’t really treat it as such, what you’re hearing is the sound of a man missing his brother and he’s put music to his pain and memories. Massive respect. Melodic, soulful and emotional, give it a listen at a name-your-price download; all donations will be passed on to and Yeovil Hospital.


Submissions for possible inclusions in future Volumes are welcome.

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