Bandcamp Misanthropy – Vol. 3

The bottomless wellspring of Bandcamp is overflowing with great shit just waiting to be discovered. This series aims to shine light on the freshest emanations and foulest incantations from its darkest corners, a few artists at a time. Here’s the third installment for your vulgar delectation. Enjoy.


Artist: Himelvaruwe

Year: 2017

“Involving mysticism, the raging war against predestination and the paradox of dualism”, states Himelvaruwe’s freshly minted Facebook page; and a fascinating dualism is indeed what we are dealing with here. Hailing from the Netherlands and being what appears to be a solo project by the enigmatic ‘T.’, ‘Gewrocht’ is a 12 minute EP of raw, heavily atmospheric black metal… With gentle/haunting choral vocals akin to the ghost of an ancient orthodox church choir or monasterial chant echoing through crumbling halls. The result is captivating and approaches transcendental at times; a very intriguing debut that bodes well for the future. Pick it up at name-your-price download.


Artist: Plagues

Year: 2017

USBM misanthropists Plagues’ debut album ‘The Great Dark Devotion’ is pure second wave worship with hate filled vocals and some inspired riffing in places that touches upon the dark majesty of Mgła and the like. Which is never a bad thing. Furious and grim. They’ve helpfully chucked some download codes up on their page which may or may not be still active, but hit them up regardless to also score a limited tape/check out their last three name-your-price demos while you’re there, and get infected by the Plagues. Hails.


Artist: Pafund

Year: 2017

Danish one-man DSBM project Pafund has crafted something special yet slightly odd here: It’s listed as his second album, but it feels like an incredible EP with a live-sounding recording and short tribute to the band Archgoat tacked on the end. The opening two tracks are pure gold: ambient depressive soundscapes with stunning instrumentation, an atmosphere so oppressive and soul draining punctuated by haunting melodies on pan flutes and acoustic guitars. The first and title track ‘Mørkets Afslag’ is twenty three minutes long and is so mesmerising it honestly feels like it passes by in under five. Beautiful, agonizing stuff; before the second track howls from the black heart of the void itself and annihilates you even further. The third track is an at times chaotic recording that given the title and sound may be a live session from November last year, and the short finale staggers and lurches into muffled blasts before ending quickly and you find yourself returning to the first two songs that are more than worth the price of admission alone. If you even remotely dig DSBM or haunting atmospherics/ambiance, lose yourself in Pafund.


Artist: Hypnosinosis

Year: 2017

Opening with a three minute track of eerie droning, Hypnosinosis like to get you in the mood before unleashing their scathing riffs to tear off your flesh. But the mood doesn’t fade once the punishment starts; it permeates the remainder of the EP’s sick hybrid of second wave and death metal like blue-black claws pulling at your mind, twisting and scrabbling as a depraved insanity seeps in. Aptly titled ‘Delirium’, it’s a killer debut from the Chilean horde that hits the spot and leaves you reeling. Well executed and memorable, check it out. You won’t regret it.


Artist: Ovnev

Year: 2016

The debut album ‘Cycle of Survival’ from atmospheric one man USBM project Ovnev has been out for about six months now, but I’ve only recently discovered it and it’s a fantastic listen. A concept album about a man that retreats to live a solitary existence in nature and ultimately meets his demise in the mountains, it’s inspired by the artist West’s own experiences; which really shines through and gives the songs a mature, almost reverential feel. This is a man who knows his craft. Beautiful acoustic passages interspersed throughout add gravitas while epic, majestic riffs stir the blood and make you want to disappear into the forest peaks yourself. Up for name-your-price download, pick it up and whet your appetite for his next release, coming soon on the excellent Naturmacht Productions.


Artist: Plasmodium

Year: 2016

And finally, to cap it all off we have the debut from Australia’s Plasmodium, ‘Entheognosis’. Released amidst the dying embers of last year, this is some seriously weird shit. Undulating psychedelic darkness that’s at times both frantic and sickly, it’s an intense and often discombobulating experience. I’ll let the band describe it: “Plasmodium exists to haunt the thresholds of outer knowledge. By means of our continuing experiments into auditory hallucinations, we have formed a vortex as a Tetrahemihexahedron. From its ghastly blazing eye the sounds of matter and time weep through the untempered schizm. It is by our will and sinew that the corruptive metageometric viral code is granted earthly form. Amidst the howls of silurian reproductive fever there is but one true sound, the audible doctrines of our photoabysmic sacerdotalism. Know that to accept our existence is to open egress to the oubliette, there can be no return or no explanation.” 

Hails. Cop a digital below, or a limited CD release through Satanath Records and Cimmerian Shade Recordings.


Submissions for possible inclusion in future volumes are welcome.

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