Bandcamp Misanthropy – Vol. 4

The bottomless wellspring of Bandcamp is overflowing with great shit just waiting to be discovered. This series aims to shine light on the freshest emanations and foulest incantations from its darkest corners, a few artists at a time. Here’s the fourth installment for your vulgar delectation. Enjoy. 


Artist: Elegos

Year: 2016

Kicking off with an excellent melodic debut: The Hellenic duo of Admetos and Mantitheos have arrived to take you back to the days of battle and heroism with their masterful first full-length ‘Laments to the Fallen’, self-released amidst the dying embers of last year. Beginning with an air of solemn majesty and spoken word, we’re taken on an epic journey through legends of old before a sublime instrumental break leads to an explosion of yearning melodies of monolithic proportions… And that’s just the opening double track, ‘Ancestral Betrayal (PT. I and II)’. The rest of the album continues in this vein and that is by far its strength, it possesses a gripping dynamism and innate skill of storytelling-through-music that surpasses others of its ilk. Songs run the full gamut of emotion through sorrowful remembrance to galloping triumph to an uplifting sense of hope, power and peace and it works to fantastic effect; the best art is an immersive experience, and this is the case here. Just try listening to ‘Path of Immortality’ without feeling like you were right there in the blood and dust, living these elegies and defending your homeland with steel and honour.

A great debut, these guys will only go from strength to strength. Support at the link below, limited physical copies are also available direct from the band.


Artist: Cathedral of Light

Year: 2017

Here we have the new EP from Australian artist Sorg’s project Cathedral of Light. Six tracks of raw, minimalist black metal with traces of sludge and noise throughout; the end product is in actuality far more refined than that description suggests. Soon to have a tape release on Narcoleptica Productions, ‘Slaughter the Heretics’ has a grim, venomous black core of diverse moods and shifting tempos slathered in wretched echoing vocals and languid riffs, all of which gives way to grooves that make you bang your head more often than you’ll expect. Neat. This is an interesting one, cop a name-your-price download and check it out.


Artist: Kömmand

Year: 2017

US black thrash assault Kömmand have just unleashed their debut album ‘Nekrö Kömmand Attack!’, and this thing will rip off your head and shit down your fucking neck. Ten tracks of pure hell done like it used to be, I’d wax lyrical about the band for longer but I’ll let them have the final word as I couldn’t possibly be this eloquent: 

“Conjured from the ashes of various fake/trendy projects, Kömmand reared its ugly umlauts in 2013 to crush the weak and shred eardrums like hymens. There are altogether too many ‘nice’ bands out there killing metal, but… Old ways can’t be killed so easily. Stop triggering drums. This is metal, not a typewriting class.”

Now if that ain’t a sure sign of a good time I don’t know what is. Support the horde. Hails.


Artist: Negativa

Year: 2017

Spain’s Negativa have a great back catalogue of various releases up for name-your-price download on their Bandcamp, and they’ve recently put two tracks from their freshly minted album ’02’ up as well to entice you to purchase the vinyl edition. The first, called ‘IX’, is enjoyably raw and bleak before second track ‘X’ dives headfirst into waters so sublimely miserable that seeing through the gloom is impossible and breathing becomes a thing of the past. Sample the suffering and check out the rest of their work while you’re there.


Artist: Noč

Year: 2017

And finally, we have the weirdest demo that’s fallen into my lap for a while: one man post-absurdist black metal from Slovenia’s Noč. Ever wondered what terribly produced casio trap beats and sub-bass mixed with DSBM and a droll vampire rapping over it all sounds like? Neither have I, but here we are. ‘Demo X’ is, as the name suggests, the tenth demo from the project. All his previous demos are along similar lines but slightly less adventurous, more straight-up depressive black metal or electronica with odd poppy ambient/instrumental or melancholy acoustic/piano tracks thrown in; ‘Demo X’ is where main man ‘J.B’ finally lets loose and nails the truly absurd. The first two tracks are almost a study in the inability to find any sort of sense in the fact that this exists whatsoever, before the last track becomes a whole different kettle of fish with beautiful psychedelic folksy melodies whirring by and leaves you more confused at the end of it all than ever before.

Fascinatingly odd, full kudos to the artist for going for it and I’m intrigued to see how far the project will take this direction. All ten demos are up for name-your-price download, check this one out if you feel like a challenge.


Submissions for possible inclusion in future volumes are welcome.

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