Bandcamp Misanthropy – Vol. 5

The bottomless wellspring of Bandcamp is overflowing with great shit just waiting to be discovered. This series aims to shine light on the freshest emanations and foulest incantations from its darkest corners, a few artists at a time. Here’s the fifth installment for your vulgar delectation. Enjoy. 


Artist: Caput Mortuum

Year: 2017

Another project from the unstoppable Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues. Caput Mortuum’s third release ‘Cold Winds on the Bare Mountain’ has just been unleashed and on this occasion we find the Dutch mentalist playing relatively within the realms of straight black metal. However, as you’d expect from a Mories release, all is not so simple: its cold heart is generously swathed in odd electronic and industrial influences. The drums vary wildly at times from standard black metal blasts to electronic skittering and driving industrial pulses, with the occasional sub-bass drone and noise squeals also popping up. All of which only serves to drive the morbid intent of the album home further as tracks lurch unexpectedly from sorrowful ambience to grim, menacing majesty and then uncomfortable headfuckery at the drop of a hat; make no mistake, one of the less weird weapons in his armory it may be, but this is still out to fuck you up. A fantastically strange listen at times due to the juxtaposition of straight/odd styles, at name-your-price download it’s more than worth your time to check out. Keep creating, Mories, and we’ll keep listening.


Artist: Sertraline

Year: 2017

US post-black crew Sertraline are named after a medication used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder and anxiety; fittingly, their soothing and heartfelt debut EP ‘Shade’ does exactly that.
A baleful, melodic drone perfectly sets the mood before the EP launches into the first of its two proper tracks. ‘Azalea’ is a wonderful concoction of calming and sorrowful post black metal; its pensive chord progressions and tremolo melancholia slides on like a favourite pair of worn out old slippers on a miserable, rainy day.
Following this another short interlude leads into the title track, ‘Shade’, which somehow lifts the depressive post-rock infused black excellence to even greater heights. For me personally the whole start of the EP is almost an extended intro to this glorious beast. Wonderfully dynamic and progressive, the band’s three guitarists create some great textures and I’m a particular fan of the effective drumming that really drives the song; its eight and a half minutes build and crash into an extended outro that is, quite frankly, gorgeous. The whole EP is so chill, bleak and forlorn; highly recommended. Cop a name-your-price download at the below link and take as needed for pain.


Artist: ColdWorld

Year: 2017

After taking eight years between his last two releases, German Georg Börner has surprised us all by releasing a new Coldworld single so soon after last year’s superb long player, ‘Autumn’. Only available digitally on Bandcamp with no plans to be released elsewhere as yet, ‘Wolves and Sheep’ finds the project returning to a slightly more archetypal black metal sound: Not as polished as its predecessor, everything from the vocals to the guitar tone is a just a touch rawer, colder and darker. Which is always welcome. Agonizing pick slides over Latin choral hymns open proceedings before everything descends into trance-like depressive waves washing over and over; balanced out artfully with an air of reverence and hope, something this project always does so well. Also worth noting are the unsettling vocal samples fuelling the religious vibe. Excellent stuff.

Apparently takings from the sales of this are being used as funding for his next album too, so grab this quality teaser and help make it happen.


Artist: Effess

Year: 2017

Bursting from the gates with sinister intent, Effess play no-bullshit black metal like it’s going out of fashion. Formed in 2016 with all members living in different countries yet hailing from the same small town of Potenza in Italy, all lyrics are in the local dialect and are in some way inspired by their hometown. My Italian is a little rusty but the band say they cover themes like emptiness in everyday life, the void of the human condition and wrongdoings of the church with some local rituals and traditions also featuring.
Not taking themselves too seriously thematically (the title of track one literally translates to ‘The Altar of Sausage’ and the song itself is a paean to a local delicacy), the music takes care of that and then some: five tracks of blistering second wave style flame-grilled just the way you like it. With an energetic raw vibe captured on tape it’s a shame distance makes shows a logistical nightmare, this material would be a hell of a good time live. Track three is also an epic Italian cover of Moonspell’s ‘Alama Mater’, a nice touch to the EP that more than does the original justice; I think I actually prefer the vocals on this version. The band are currently searching for a label and recording their first full-length, in the meantime snap up the debut EP at name-your-price download and give them some well-deserved support.


Artist: Heidnir

Year: 2017

Hailing from the USA is Heidnir, the Slavic themed pagan/folk project of Svjatoslav the Black Wolf. His obscure third release ‘Thunder and Lightning, the Ancient Prediction” is dedicated to the memory of the late Tony ‘It’ Särkkä and therein lies a clue as to what awaits the listener: this is epic black folk with influences in the vein of Opthalamia, Falkenbach and Nokturnal Mortum being run through a filter of Abruptum’s brand of raw auditory evil and cacophonic abrasiveness. However even that doesn’t really do it justice; this is truly a unique and experimental melting pot of styles, and it does it very well. Check the eerie spoken word section exploding into a ripping guitar solo at the end of ‘…I Long for the Winter Frost’, which then heads straight into the staggered groove of ‘Under the Glare of The Eternal Flame’ to see what I mean. Sonically challenging though this album may be for the uninitiated, spend some time with it and all will be revealed. I’ll hand over to Svjatoslav the Black Wolf for some inspiring last words:

“The Abrahamic faiths are antiquated, archaic, and obsolescent. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and their respective sects… all weeds of the same seeds. 
All deserve antipathy, equally. Dogma rules with an iron fist through the mouths of shepherds with hordes of sheep that live in submission to nonexistent powers conceived by the minds of puppet-masters, swindlers, con artists. To give false hope and reward, through blood that has spread by the sword in the name of mere anthological pieces disjointed and contradictory with each other. 
It’s time the zeitgeist be slain and every atom of it annihilated.” -Свјатослав Црни Вук, 14 November, Anno 2016 CE. 


Artist: Mizmor

Year: 2017

I’m a bit late with this one, so jump on it quick. Here’s the deal, copy/pasted from the Bandcamp: 

“This Unabating Wakefulness” is a bonus track included on the digital download card of “The Psalter MMXVII – Five Year Commemorative Discography.” It is temporarily available for free download as a single to the public.

Now, down to brass tacks: Mizmor is a one man black-doom-drone project from the USA that plays some of the most punishing, exquisite audio hell that you’ve ever heard in your life. Last album ‘Yodh’ was almost pure agony to listen to, and this will pull your soul out through the very pores in your skin. Fifteen minutes containing every facet of their sound that makes them great and it’s only up for name-your-price download for a very limited time… Which I’ve already burned two weeks of by being so slow off the mark to share it. You know what to do, link below; check out the limited cassette box set discography while you’re there. Absolutely astonishing.


Artist: Atramentum

Year: 2016/17

And finally to finish off in a blaze of sticky satanic glory: Do you ever find your mind wandering to the thought that black metal needs more dick jokes? Well, Atramentum are the fucking band for you. Hailing from the Phillipines, sole member +Kai,ckul+ has awarded his project the title of “the unsoberest and most perverted as fuck metal band in the world”. Impressive. However, the man can write a tune; this is fortunately much more than just a running gag with some music donkey-slapped around it. His debut album ‘Phallosophy’ is a ripping ride of grim melodies and aggressive rawness with some truly great moments that more than rise to the occasion. Recorded a year ago it’s finally copped a limited CD and tape ejaculation through Erektrifying Produktionz; go pick that or a name-your-price download up from his Bandcamp, whip it out and hail the Atramentum.

Oh and he’s already named his next release: ‘De Clitoriis Cum Sluthanas’.


Submissions for possible inclusion in future Volumes welcomed.

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