Bandcamp Misanthropy – Volume 6

The bottomless wellspring of Bandcamp is overflowing with great shit just waiting to be discovered. This series aims to shine light on the freshest emanations and foulest incantations from its darkest corners, a few artists at a time. Here’s the sixth installment for your vulgar delectation. Enjoy. 


Artist: Baphometic Deathslaught

Year: 2017

What better way to kick things off than some bestial hellfire from Poland/USA? Baphometic Deathslaught is a side project of Grief from the also-excellent Nyctophilia, but on this self-titled debut instead of the grand depression of his main outlet he’s gone straight for the jugular of Christianity in the most unholy and primitive way possible. Six profane hymns of raw satanic assault and death worship prefaced by a suitably evil introduction, the sound of wolves howling over a grim Satanic ritual greets us before the absolutely lethal ‘Smog Obscures the Megalithic Temple of Arcane Fires’ comes slavering forth from the abyss swathed in savage black thunder and you can almost feel the Dark Lord entering your body. From there the aggression and loathing is relentless, rasping hatred and guttural exhortations driving the fury all the way to the somehow-even-more-unclean-than-the-original cover of Profanatica‘s ‘A Fallen God, Dethroned in Heaven’ that closes out the blasphemic proceedings. Kvlt stuff, support with a name-your-price download and contribute to the downfall of Christ.


Artist: Ungesehen

Year: 2017

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting some classic raw black metal without the pesky vocals, Ungesehen is the band for you. The German’s instrumental compositions are quite good; ‘Unaussprechliches Entsetzen’ reminds me of listening to the old vocal-less Burzum demos if the production was slightly better with more baleful tremolo melodies packed in. At nine tracks long their debut manages to remain interesting throughout, the tunes hold their own and definitely don’t lack in atmosphere or variety. Up for name-your-price download it’s well worth a listen; if you dig it pick up a tape release through Fallen Empire Records, which comes with a bonus cover of Armagedda‘s ‘At the Edge of Negative Existence’.


Artist: Ljuska 

Year: 2017

Serbian Sifr Shraddha’s one man project Ljuska has just released its debut EP ‘Husks of Light’, and if this one track and an intro is anything go by, it’ll be one to watch. The atmospheric introduction does its job with a suitably evil vibe before the first eerie riffs slither and smash out of your speakers; I say smash because they literally do, this is some great tone and production for a first demo. The intro is almost rendered unnecessary because the song itself is genuinely that good, twists and headbanging turns keep it more than interesting the whole way through as menacing blasts and thrilling, almost catchy melodies ensure it’ll be stuck in your head for days.

A cut above the rest simply by way of solid songwriting and good fucking riffs, keep an eye on this project, it’ll be worth it. Name-your-price download below.


Artist: Malphas

Year: 2017

Uk duo Malphas have just released their very first demo ‘Brimstone’, describing it as “raw black/doom metal for fans of Blut Aus Nord, Behemoth and Paradise Lost”. Although the project is barely past embryonic stage, this is fucking great, straight off the bat. Crushing blackened doom that splits open to release atonal wails calling forth the misery of the ages; the oppressive production only fuelling the ancient horrors within. Third track ‘Burning in the Shadow of God’ is where it gets blackest; the suffocating swarm and clattering drums eventually collapsing into a solitary guitar that tries to soar like a golden bird from the cavernous maw of the earth caving in on itself around it, struggling to escape its pull before the song ends abruptly, leaving the image hanging and you wanting more.

Support with a name-your-price download, this is epic stuff. More please fellas!


Artist: Himelvaruwe 

Year: 2017

You may recall the name Himelvaruwe from back in Volume 3, this is the second time we’ve covered the Dutch one man project and now he’s back with an EP just as fascinating as the first.

‘CCIII’ is apparently two tracks that deviated from the theme of other material he’s working on and this time the project drags us in a more Black Cilice styled direction. Bleak and raw, the vocals become barely discernable howls; hypnotic, pulsing drum patterns weave in and out lost in the waves of distortion. The second track ‘II’ is slightly lighter in tone with the whole thing still infused with the projects innate sense of creativity; the continued unique use of unexpected samples popping out and taking the style to fresh new dimensions.

Mesmerising, harsh stuff; this is still one of the more interesting underground artists I’ve stumbled across. One day soon this guy will nail his coherent theme, make an album, release it on tape and it’ll be hailed everywhere. Keep watching until he does, and grab this and the previous EP ‘Gewrocht’ for name-your-price download in the meantime.


Artist: Chiral

Year: 2016

Italian one man atmospheric project Chiral makes “Music for the Loners”. I’ve just discovered the artist with this release, but it certainly seems to be the case: the warm, organic, folky tones of ‘Gazing Light Eternity’ just invite you to get comfortable and drink in its particular brand of misery. A concept album about time, the vibe is great; the plaintive Cascadian melodies of ‘Part I – The Gazer’ giving a depressive feel, noticeably blackened folk influenced but more aggressive and depressive than that suggests. Soulful guitar solos splash amongst the pallette while other instrumentation like flutes and ponderous keys sit delicately over or amidst everything, giving it an otherworldly feel. ‘Part II – The Haze’ turns introspective, nature sounds and vocal samples like “the moment seizes us” flutter over acoustic guitars. To be honest I can often find these parts unnecessary and distracting, but this goes well with the flow and feels rich and vibrant. 

‘Part III – The Crown’ plunges more into the depressive vibe; which I should note is fairly unique due to the album’s raw yet warm nature, not often does melancholy music have such an immediate and lush sound overall. It’s a great point of difference and is quite enjoyable. As is this track, my personal favourite; repetition can become boring but here it’s quite successful and becomes transcendental, layered with gentle chanting towards the end. And now we come to my only minor qualm, which is frankly nitpicking but I’ll mention it anyway: Part III, after spending so long successfully lulling you into a trance state, decides to abruptly switch to an (admittedly epic) blasting and solo section to finish up. It’s a little jarring; would it be better served to fade out to the then epic short section, or use it as the intro to the water sounds and peaceful vibe of ‘Part IV – The Hourglass’ that close out the album? Who knows. It’s a minor quibble and still sounds ace the way it is, if slightly odd. All in all it’s a great, enjoyable, strangely comforting release well suited to solitary ruminations, that never overstays its welcome and leaves you wanting more. Which is handy as not only is it getting a tape re-release any day now through the excellent Fólkvangr Records, but the entire Chiral discography of 11 releases is available for download from his Bamdcamp at only €1.50, so pick up a bargain and check the rest of them out. I know I will be.


Artist: Chambre Froide

Year: 2016/17

And to close out proceedings, an orthodox kvlt smasher. French wraiths Chambre Froide’s debut orthodox ritual ‘Rouges Chapelles’ was originally only self-released on 100 tapes last year but is now getting a digi/vinyl run through Fallen Empire Records, with the digital copies available at name-your-price download from their Bandcamp.

Their name means ‘cold room’, but this room is not unoccupied. The stench of death lies thick in the air, their aggressive raw onslaught akin to a decaying corpse screaming in your face through the dark, flecks of fetid flesh spattering you in feral rage. Six tracks with enough variety in their buzzsaw attack to keep you coming back for more, you can even hear some welcome punk elements creeping in, which only increases the danger. A great release, snap one up while you can and support. Hails.


Submissions for possible inclusion in future Volumes welcomed.

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