Break Us, Destroy Us – An Interview with Brahdr’Uhz

The mysterious Swiss entity of Brahdr’Uhz plays black metal the way it should be played. Their songs sound like all your favourite raw bands of years gone by, rolled into one but with three times the hate. And you may not have even heard of them yet.

This however, is how they’ve liked it. Releasing their first self-titled demo in late 2017 and the two after that in a grand limited total of ten copies each, this music was only meant to be heard by a select few… Until recently. When I saw that Grimm Distribution was releasing a CD compilation of tracks from their first three demos I almost fell off my chair; I don’t believe I’ve ever hit the “shut the fuck up and take my money” button so fast in my life. I simply had to attempt to reach out to main man Brahz for more information. To which he graciously, and to my slight surprise, obliged; so read on below for the briefest glimpse into the fresh hell and true subterranean fury that is Brahdr’Uhz.


Hails Brahz! Thanks for taking the time to speak to us. I’ve recently discovered your work and the pure expulsion of hate, nihilism and utter sonic darkness is refreshing. For the unaware: Why was Brahdr’Uhz formed, and what is the message you wish to convey with your art?

– Brahdr’Uhz is a big “FUCK YOU ALL”. A way of expression, a way of suffering and a journey to death. Quite usual, BUT it is the only reason why Brahdr’Uhz exists…

Brahdr’Uhz is an evocative name. Where did it originate, and what is the meaning behind it?

– It’s an old dialect and you can translate it more or less like “break us” or “destroy us”. The opposite of “bless us”. But it’s not in the depressive way like, I’m crying and I’m waiting to be killed! It’s more like “come on and try to destroy us! We are immortal and fuck you”.

I was at first under the impression that Brahdr’Uhz was the product of one man, but a recent press release noted that there were two members: Brahz and Penetranalattak Deflagramicide. Can you clarify who plays which role within the band?

– Brahdr’Uhz is a one man band. Penetranalattak Deflagramicide play drums in couple of songs but as a session drummer. I probably will continue alone again for the next demos.

Your sound draws heavily from the darkness of the past, but in particular bears some similarities to the great Les Légions Noires bands. Do you consciously draw inspiration from these or any other artists when you compose? What other influences do you have while you write?

– Viva Les Légions Noires. I love them as I hate them. I don’t know what to say when it’s about inspiration. For sure some Judas Iscariot and some TNBM bands… But my own life is my main inspiration.

In true underground spirit you have traditionally duplicated your own extremely limited tapes for your releases, but have recently worked with two great and vastly different labels: Medieval Werewolf Antiquarium and now Grimm Distribution. How was it working with Medieval Werewolf Antiquarium (who also release in extremely limited quantities)?

– MWA is totally devoted to the underground. I respect him a lot. But, I wanted to release more than 10 copies so I asked Grimm to release a regular album.

But I still like to release stuff by myself like in the old good past. It’s so easy today to find a label and to release a CD of 500 copies limited. Today we are back to the demos and the limited homemade stuff, for the better.

In my opinion this masterful display of obsidian filth also deserves to be on wax. Are there any plans or hopes for a vinyl release in future?

– I’m a tape and vinyl lover. Yes I hope I’ll see something out on wax one day, but nothing is planned yet. Just have to find a label as crazy as me to release it.

You have also just released another two track demo: the great ‘Alkeldama‘. This is the fourth Brahdr’Uhz demo, and all of them have been excellent. Are there any intentions for a proper full-length release one day?

– I just released a split with Trefihrat couple of weeks ago and the next step will be a full-length probably, yes. It will depend on the inspiration and the time I can put into it.

You tap into a rare and raw primal black flame, far away from the progression (or arguable dilution, depending on your point of view) that the genre has undertaken over the years. What is your opinion of the modern varied strains of what is now known as black metal? Do you listen to many current artists?

I have an old school vision of black metal I guess… Maybe because I’m old? Black metal is here to fuck the commerce, to say fuck religion and to say fuck you all.

I don’t need a well produced album. I don’t need a good mix and mastering, I don’t want to sound like radio music. The sound is primitive and I record everything with one mic only.

I don’t get why Black Metal bands start to be commercial and well produced. Isn’t that the opposite of why we exist?

And finally: Will Brahdr’Uhz ever play live, or are your rituals intended as more of a solitary experience?

– As a one man band and as an asshole I don’t think live will be possible, but who knows.

Once again, sincerest thanks for your time. Any final words?



Purchase Brahdr’uhz‘s ‘Land of Darkness’ on CD or digital from his Bandcamp here, or from GrimmDistribution here.

Support Brahdr’uhz:


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