The Powers of Evil – An Interview with Onda Makter

Diabolical triumvirate Onda Makter‘s moniker translates quite literally to “evil powers”. But what exactly is evil? Whether you charge at that complex question from a religious or ethical philosophy standpoint, you can (very loosely, since after Nietzsche suggested we ditch morality and go “Beyond Good and Evil” in 1886 the question has arguably obtained no further clarification) boil it down to two types: Evil not caused by man, and evil most definitely caused by man.

It’s with the latter of the two that these Swedes concern themselves, and this is what informs their debut album ‘Mardrömmars Värsta Mänsklighet‘. I know themes of misanthropia are the furthest possible thing from cutting edge in black metal these days, but to me, they’ll never get old. Satan and the cosmos are cool and all, but humanity mostly fucking sucks at the best of times and we honestly deserve the hatred.

Hatred is undeniably what Onda Makter dish out with their cold stream of black that for the most part follows the blueprint laid out by their Swedish countrymen before them. For those who don’t know what that means, their ruinous attack is injected with a solid dose of both melody and metal, with some seriously headbanging grooves and palm-muting sneaking in to the equation. Sounds enjoyable, right? It is. Some mighty riffs are to be found here and the songwriting scales some enviable peaks too; the soaring final track ‘Om Allt Bara Tog Slut‘ is a personal favourite and puts many more established bands to shame. WHAT an album closer.

Anyway, after hearing this album I simply had to grab these demons for a quick chat. So check out advance track and killer opening rite ‘Profetians Paradoxala Pagina‘ below (or the premiere of the also great second track ‘Dödens Rike‘ over at Indy Metal Vault here) before the CD and cassette release on 27th July exclusively through the great Fólkvangr Records, and read on for a taste of the darkness in man.


Greetings Onda Makter. Sincerest thanks for taking the time to speak to us, I hope all is well there in Sweden. Your debut album ‘Mardrömmars Värsta Mänsklighet‘ will finally be unleashed in all it’s resplendent black glory on 27th July. I’ve heard it and it’s fantastic, but in your own words: What can we expect to hear from the album?

– Hey Black Metal Daily! Everything is fine here in Sweden. You can expect a varied, well produced and misanthropic themed album. There are both slow and fast songs with lots of melodies and with just the right amount of black metal spirit to the whole package; not too shittily recorded, nor too crystal clear.

Sounds great. If I’m not mistaken (and I very well may be, thanks Google Translate), the title of the record translates to “Nightmare’s Worst Humanity”. What does this mean?

– Yes, that is correct. The meaning of this title is a metaphor for how disgusting humanity actually is. We think that it is a well suited title to describe our album.

Agreed. With all that in mind and song titles also translating to “The Kingdom of Death” and “If Everything Just Ended”, I’ll assume the overarching themes of the album are definitely more misanthropic and nihilistic than anything else. Would this be true? If so, can you elaborate on why? Would this bear similarities to your own personal worldview?

– Yes, it’s Archon who writes the lyrics so that question goes mainly to him. In his own words; “When you bring the truth into pale light, you realize that it’s really everyone for themselves. Everyone is capable of acting in a way that could hurt others just to gain something for themselves, and people are doing this all the time. The reason why I have decided to write about this (misanthropy) is because I need to channel my feelings and I do not really know why, but I can see this every day and I feel that I need to do something with it.”

It is indeed a sad, inescapable truth. Now let’s get a bit more into the technical side of things: Given that opening track ‘Profetians Paradoxala Pagina’ was also the opening salvo on last year’s ‘Om Allt Bara Tog Slut’ EP, as soon as you push play the difference in sound smacks you in the face. It’s much more full and powerful. How did the recording sessions go, are you happy with how everything turned out?

– Thank you, we did have some technical problems in the beginning, but once that was solved everything went really smooth and we could not be any happier with how everything turned out this time.

You’ve had a few lineup changes over the years. Do you feel this has necessarily changed the overall songwriting from the first 2014 self-titled demo to this debut full-length, or has the creative core remained intact?

– Yes and no. The core has always been there but nowadays we, Archon and Malphas, cooporate with each other on the writing process. So the creativity has increased since the start in that regard.

The album is being released on both cassette and CD formats via Fólkvangr Records, I believe this is also one of the first CD releases for the label. What first drew you to work with Fólkvangr, and are you pleased with the results so far? Is this a partnership you hope to continue in future?

– We stumbled upon Fólkvangr records through some research on the web and sent them a message that we were interested in working with them.

Mark is a great guy who is very passionate about what he is doing. He is great to work with and we hope to continue work with him and Fólkvangr Records for future releases as well.

He is a legend. Another thing I’d like to note is the performances on the record, they’re all standout. What was your introduction to music, and how did you find your way to the blackened path? What then led to the creation of Onda Makter?

– Everyone found an interest in music quite early in their life and it later evolved to what it is now. We think it is a strong genre with appealing qualities to express ourselves with this kind of music, and this has led to the creation of Onda Makter.

I agree. Despite the variety of opinions on the matter this genre only goes from strength to strength for me, from the earliest days to the most modern black fury. Speaking of; you can definitely hear a lot of traditional black metal influences throughout the album. Do you have any particular artists (musical or otherwise) that you may have drawn inspiration from during the composition process, or simply who inspire you in general?

– We try not to have any particular artists influence us, but instead keep it varied. We take inspiration from whatever we think fits in and will suit our music, but just to name a few bands we enjoy: Immortal, Austere, Gorgoroth, Mörk Gryning, etc.

All superb bands, and as an aside it’s great to see Immortal come storming back through the gates with their latest this year too, corpse paint and all. There’s been much debate over the years on the merits of bands still wearing corpsepaint, actually; personally I appreciate it and it’s refreshing to see you guys are carrying on the tradition, but what are your thoughts on it and why do you wear it?

– We believe that it strengthens the live performance and adds that “old-school” vibe to it. It is an attractive tradition for those who are into the music and a kind of history as well that we would like to keep going.

More power to you, it should be kept going. And finally: What lies on the horizon for Onda Makter? I believe you played a couple of shows last year, are you looking to ramp up your live presence upon release of the new album?

– Yes, once the album is out we will go out and play gigs. We are preparing for new merchandise right now and we will keep on going with spreading our music.

Nice. Once again, sincerest thanks for your time and the excellent debut album, I daresay it will receive many more spins from me. Any final words you’d like to leave us with?

– Thank you for having us and keep supporting the underground scene!


Purchase Onda Makter‘s ‘Mardrömmars Värsta Mänsklighet‘ on CD or cassette from Fólkvangr Records here.

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