Cold Caress – A Review of ‘Nowhere’, by Soul Dissolution

All of this I must leave behind
As I walk this road to nowhere
All of this I shall leave behind
As sorrow embraces my heart so tightly


And now, something… nice. This little gem has been out for a week and a half now and I really should have written about it sooner – better late than never.

The astute amongst you may recall the Belgian atmospheric/post black duo of Soul Dissolution (comprised of Jabawock of Ah Ciliz fame and Acharan of L’Hiver En Deuil) already bestowed upon us the quietly jaw-dropping album Stardust back in March. Well, let nobody accuse them of resting on their laurels as the prolific gents have now followed up with an equally mesmerising two track EP, entitled Nowhere.


As I walk this road to nowhere
Only the pale moon lights my way
The fracture runs deeper in this barren ground
It cuts me off from this world,
Its hollow bliss, its smiling shadows
As I walk this road to nowhere
Only the cold wind holds my hand


One of the many, many strengths of Stardust (seriously, go listen to it) was the stunning songwriting and they effortlessly continue that form here. Each track is not overly complicated but relies on beautiful contemplative ebbs and desperate despairing surges, resulting in both compositions possessing an incredible emotional pull. Every note is tempered and considered. Over the course of the twenty-five minute journey the songs are allowed to unfold unhurriedly to their natural conclusions, as the music seems to breathe gently with rich, colorful life and a deep pain all its own. As with most post-black (and this does play more in the realm of post-black than Stardust ever did) they aren’t afraid to go to places often classed as anathema in a traditional black metal sense, either. Just push play on opener Road To Nowhere and you’ll immediately see what I mean as a lovely introspective introduction whisks you away – the first of many moments that invite quiet comtemplation, and may even provide the briefest glimmer of hope.


This desolate land, vast and desert, stretching before me
It greets this lost wanderer with arms wide open


I’m going to leave the analysis there, although to be honest, this deserves more words than I’ve written. But instead of giving this brief piece your eyes for a moment longer, I implore of you to lend this fantastic little EP your ears – both tracks are great, slow-burning pieces of wonderful craftsmanship, introspective and affecting. As a result, I’ve now come to expect a very high standard from these men. I’ll be waiting with bated breath for everything they release from this moment onwards.


Under the moonlit sky
Cold comes to me
An old companion
To remind me I am still alive


Purchase Soul Dissolution‘s ‘Nowhere‘ on CD or digital from the band here, or on CD through Russian label GS Productions.

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