FULL STREAM PREMIERE: Vorga’s ‘Radiant Gloom’


Rejoice, dear readers, for today bestows upon us a fine bounty: an exclusive stream of Radiant Gloom, the ripping debut EP from the horde of multinational newcomers collectively known as the cosmic entity VORGA.

Active since 2016 the mysterious quartet of Atlas, Volker, Jervas and Пешо Спейса hail physically from Scotland, Bulgaria and Germany, but with no Metal Archives page, freshly minted socials and a minimum of other information available anywhere else at the time of writing, it’s difficult to say where these gents have musically materialized from prior to combining their powers. However, there is one thing that’s unmistakably clear – Radiant Gloom is not your typical debut.

From the moment opening salvo The Black Age bursts from your speakers with fierce intent, it becomes immediately apparent that what we are dealing with here is not the work of mere amateurs. They dub themselves “modern black metal” and modern it most certainly is, with a sound that borrows just as heavily from the cold and swirling violence of Scandinavian black as it does other influences like the compelling crunch of Gothenburg melodeath, all dragged into the current era by plenty of fresh ideas and a polished production as clear as the starry sky. Vicious vocals tear through the mix as the thundering drums propel the track forward and riffs switch from dissonant celestial shimmers to down-picked muscular menace with seamless ease; as first impressions go it’s a doozy, and definitely gives the impression that this is not their first rodeo.

And there are no one trick ponies in this rodeo, either. On Argil the gents take a more introspective and melancholic approach to the first half before exploding into a blasting black firestorm that could rattle the heavens, then settling back into a satisfying conclusion. It’s a great tune; no extra bullshit, just a solid grasp of effective songwriting. Divine is glorious and as its name suggests is possessed of a galloping celestial majesty, while the ultimate rite of Hunger marries a barely-contained seething desire to sink it’s teeth into your flesh with a brooding nihilism and feeling of helplessness, something that has been building over the course of the EP but comes to a head in the final throes.

It’s an impressive first statement, aggressive and physical yet with surprising depth. It can manhandle you whilst making you think – and BMD is proud as hell to present the full stream for you today. So listen below, grab a self-released digipack CD (pre-orders available now) and remember the name Vorga – this will not be the last time you hear it.


Radiant Gloom self-releases 20th February on digipack CD. Pre-orders available now from Bandcamp.

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