ALBUM PREMIERE & INTERVIEW – ‘Morbid Cult’ by Hellsodomy


From the seed to the grave


HELLSODOMY. The very name alone conjures up images of leather and spikes, bestial black metal albums with demons fucking an uncomfortable looking nun in the ass on the cover, and various other things possibly involving goats. Well as the old adage goes, never judge a band by their name because these men take an altogether different and more thrilling approach (cue Blasphemy fans removing their sunglasses in disappointment).

Formed in 2011 this Turkish horde’s assault is firmly rooted in extraordinarily riffy death metal, then fire-forged in black thrash with some old-school bestial black blood flowing in its veins while great care and attention given is during the crafting of each piece to ensure maximum engagement, headbang-ability and skin-flaying intensity. Whilst not a million miles from the bludgeoning brand of bestial black death their name may suggest (and hey, they even have a goat in their logo – cue sunglasses back on!) the nature of their alchemical blend has equally as much in common with say, Destroyer 666 as it does with the Ross Bay Cult – more RIFFS, more THRASH, plus far more detailed songwriting. On their shredding second full-length offering Morbid Cult, tracks like the furious ‘Charged To Kill’ are savage as fuck when they’re not grooving and making you bang your head like a bastard. ‘Hateclan’ is utterly vicious. ‘Divided Souls’ is pure, ravenous energy set to consume and devour, while the superlative ‘Mortem In Comfort’ is equal parts thrash inferno and tremolo devastation, with a ripping solo to polish it off. The record only seems to somehow get even more intense as it moves through its onslaught, too – while the opening salvo of songs are great, by the end of the record’s eleven passages of impurity the kinetic energy has been ramped up to atomic levels, redlining to the point that even during the menacing stomp of closer ‘Souls Devoured’ you get the feeling the whole thing might just explode, opening a portal to hell for demons to pour through into our reality and sodomize us all forever.

But that’s enough of that – you can listen to this glorious abomination for yourself, as today we are incredibly pleased and proud to assist in the apocalyptic raid and present to you not only the exclusive SoundCloud full-stream of Morbid Cult ahead of its physical unleashing on 6th December via Saturnal Records, but an interview with the unstoppable beasts behind its creation, too. So read on below… and hail HELLSODOMY.



Hails Hellsodomy! Thanks for speaking to us today, for the full-stream of your excellent second album Morbid Cult. How does it feel for the album to finally see release? Was it a long creative process to get to this point?

– Hails! Thanks for having us.

It all started with the 4 demo tracks recorded in the late 2016. We were busy touring Europe and various concerts in 2017. We could start the recording process is 2018 and finally the album will be out at the end of this year. We are glad to release it after a long process and looking to perform it on stage!

Since the release of previous album Chaostorm you’ve had some lineup changes, with founding member Turborodrigo and Eren Steyr-Aug taking their leave and A.D.B. and Destroyer D joining the fold. What’s the story behind this? Do you feel this has altered the band chemistry or the sound of Morbid Cult at all?

– Main reason of the lineup changes is relocation and distance. Eren Steyr-Aug went to Australia and Turborodrigo was living out of province.

Destroyer D was our session member at our European concerts back in 2015 and 2016. I have also played with A.D.B. for a short period with Engulfed. So, the introduction and orientation did not take long. Sure the new blood in the band created an excitement that can be felt in the sound of the album.

Your sound is a killer blend of old school death, thrash and bestial black metal, and I can hear hints of many influences within. Did any particular bands or art inspire your writing processes this time around?

– We are hard fans of all these three genres. Therefore, you can hear hints of all those in our songs. I can not give any specific band that inspired us because the writing processes were not in a definite period. Every day of the week and every hour of the day is part of the process. Thereby from Metallica to demo bands we are all influenced in this wide range.

The riffs throughout the album are fucking great – how do you write the songs, do you start with a great riff and work from there?

– Mostly it starts with a short part of a riff. This part may be the beginning of the song or it may be in the middle of the song. Later on, we write its pre or post part depending on the situation.

Hellsodomy has been active for quite some time now, with the project having formed back in 2011. What circumstances led to the formation of the band? Do you think you still have the same motivations and goals for the band after all these years?

– One of our biggest motivation is the reaction from the fans on our live performances. The excitement for producing and playing drives the band. At the beginning our first goal was to record a demo of 4 songs. We aimed one step further as we achieved our goals.

Aside from various other themes I know you have previously had some anti-Islamic lyrics, as you rage against the dominant religion in your home country of Turkey. Is this still the case for your lyrics? What is the current situation for Islam in your country, and why do you feel the need to oppose it?

– Our lyrics are not based on any specific subject neither we are a concept band. Rage is the main theme for us although it can target anyone or anything. The situation here has been the same for a long time, but we do not want to shape our band’s music or profile via our country’s or world’s conditions.

The cover art for Morbid Cult is an interesting piece by Zezeah of Big Baboli Print House and represents a slight departure from the album covers of your previous works, although it’s still a great illustration. What is the tale behind this album cover and what it depicts?

– We have done a lot of works together with Zezeah. Most of our gig posters from 2017 were done by her. It was inevitable not to work with Zezeah after those partnership and satisfaction of the previous works. Story is her own. We just gave her some key words she came out with what we wanted at the end.

The album is dropping through Saturnal Records – a killer label. How did this partnership take place, and are you pleased with it so far? 

– Our friendship with Rex goes back a long way. I made him listen couple of examples when we first started and we have set the deal afterwards with a phone call not exceeding 5 minutes. We are happy to work with Saturnal Records. Most importantly, we are also contented with our communication.

And finally, seeing as we are streaming Morbid Cult in full today, in your own words – what can a listener expect to hear from it? 

– Expect nothing but full of aggression, death and high tension in a blackened atmosphere.

Sincerest thanks for your time, Hellsodomy. Any final words for us all?

– Thanks for having us and helping us spreading our word.

Morbid Cult releases 6th December via Saturnal Records. Pre-orders available now.


Pre-order Morbid Cult on CD via the Saturnal Records webstore here.

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