ALBUM PREMIERE: ‘From Bleak Cavernous Chambers’, by NECROSTRIGIS


Possessed By The Cult Of The Night


NECROSTRIGIS is black metal for connoisseurs.

The project is one of the countless outlets of prolific Polish lord Wolfvhampyr, otherwise known as Wened Wilk Sławibor – the black heart behind or an integral part of such acts as Blood Stronghold, Krypta Nicestwa, Ordo Sanguinis Noctis, Cryptal Spectres, Starlit Woods, Ravenmoon Sanctuary and many, many more. He has taken care of his own label Czertog Promotion, and been editor for various zines. He’s been active in the deepest subterranean scene since the early ’90s, appreciated and hailed by true denizens of the underground. It’s safe to say the man knows his stuff, and for the past decade Necrostrigis has been the distillation of that knowledge into vicious vampyric form – so vicious and raw, in fact, that it’s only for those with a more refined taste.

A taste that’s often acquired only from years spent immersed in the scene; for the black metal created by this creature of nocturnal havoc is not for the feeble of constitution or casual of interest. Drawing heavily from times of old it scurries along damp hallways in dark, forgotten tombs; avoiding the light and emerging only to scream at the moon and revel in rabid, savage bloodlust, abrasive and uncompromising in the extreme… and what we at BMD are honoured to premiere the exclusive full-stream of here today is a selection of the finest and most impious filth the project has dragged howling into existence: the career-spanning From Bleak Cavernous Chambers.

The compilation features choice cuts from his entire discography made available for the very first time on LP, with selections culled from early demos like Swamps Cult And Lunar Necromancy, Hosts Of Fullmoon Forces and the Forgotten Demons of Ancient Glory split, all the way through to latter offerings like the Amongst Primordial Ruins split. Yes, some tracks or parts thereof have been re-recorded for the purpose of this carefully curated selection. Regardless, one must surely note how remarkably coherent the collection is from a compositional standpoint, with tracks spanning years apart sounding like they could almost have been written in the same sessions – such is the consistency and purity of Necrostrigis‘ virulent message of hate. Whether it’s tasteful knowing flourishes like the addition of a section from Chopin‘s ‘Marche Funèbre’ in ‘The Time Of Archaic Alliance‘ or the inhuman howls and blood-chilling shrieks that would rend unworthy ears asunder, every element comes together to cast an eternal spell of death upon us, holding all in thrall as it tears off our skin to reveal the sweet flesh within.

Unleashed 9th March under the formidable twin banners of Nebular Carcoma / Postmortem Apocalypse, From Bleak Cavernous Chambers will be presented on special vinyl LP with hand-screened jackets befitting of such an entity. I would usually have some words with the artist to go along with a premiere, however also keeping true to the nature of the project Wolfvamphyr has retreated from all interviews and returned instead to the shadows to lie in wait for his next strike. Nevertheless – this material more than speaks for itself. Listen if you dare, appreciate with reverence if you are of the initiated; and if you are not, steer far clear, for the unflinching vision of Necrostrigis will separate the strong from the weak… the hunters from the prey. Hails.

From Bleak Cavernous Chambers releases March 9th via Nebular Carcoma Records and Postmortem Apocalypse.


Purchase From Bleak Cavernous Chambers from Nebular Carcoma Records HERE and Postmortem Apocalypse HERE when it unleashes on March 9th.

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