Ancient and Inscrutable Black Metal


Drop forged in the flames of West Australian hellfire back in the heady days of 2005, WARDAEMONIC hit with the impact of a fifteen megaton nuclear bomb. Relentless hyperblasting and unbridled savagery have always been their weapons of choice, which they’ve honed over the course of three full-length albums that have sent ever-increasing shockwaves of sheer devastation around the world – and now, under the war banner of the great Transcending Obscurity Records, the destructive impact of their assault is sure to travel ever further. For these antipodean demons are are on the cusp of unleashing their fourth violent strike… the monolithic Acts Of Repentance.

The current four horsemen of this apocalyptic entity are Blitz (bass), Maelstrom (drums, vocals), Anharat (guitar) & Lord Bane (guitar) and on Acts Of Repentance they take their attack to a new level, adding fresh elements like dissonance and choral vocals – resulting in an album that our man Ivan Gossage said “stands toe-to-toe with some other huge names in the genre” in his effusive FULL REVIEW over at Moshpitnation-mi. Three of the album’s five compositions are already streaming on Bandcamp for your perusal, but we here at BMD are incredibly honoured to today present you with the final track premiere before the entire onslaught becomes available on March 20th; ‘Act III – Castigation’.

Whilst the album’s opening tracks will certainly ravage you with blistering force, ‘Act III – Castigation’ is a beast like none other. Its twelve-minute runtime allows it to unfold its instruments of torture, laying them out and carefully selecting each implement as necessary to inflict maximum damage. We asked Blitz himself if he could share a few words with us about it:

“‘Act III – Castigation’ was the first song written for the album. It encapsulates a lot of what we set out to achieve on this record, and it contains all the different elements that we wanted to filter throughout the rest of the album. At over 12 minutes long it was originally intended to be three separate songs that bled naturally into each other (very similarly to our ‘Vigil Tenebrae Parts I to V’ from our Echoes of Ageless Flames album) but soon it naturally evolved into one whole coherent song. From the ethereal beginnings of the song into a slow build up that quickly turns into a barrage, the centre sections drift off into a dissonant and painful wander, before the last sections explode into a violent finale. The song was the centrepiece of the album, with all other songs deliberately placed in order around this to complete the story of Acts Of Repentance.”

He speaks the truth; ‘Act III – Castigation’ is not only an incredible piece that culminates in a intriguing spoken word dialogue sample and a final act that hits harder than almost anything else on the record, but is also the undoubted crowning jewel in an album that’s sure to place them on their inevitable and rightful throne as ultimate rulers of pulverising Australian black metal. So listen above, and bow down below to your new masters – the mighty Wardaemonic. Hails.

Acts Of Repentance releases 20th March via Transcending Obscurity Records.


Pre-order Acts Of Repentance on CD and digital from Bandcamp HERE, or the Transcending Obscurity Records webstore HERE.

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