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Are you feeling good? Having a nice day? Well… Slovakian/Swiss black death horde DOMINION OF SUFFERING are here to fuck that up and send you straight to hell with the release of their debut album, The Birth Of Hateful Existence.

Twelve years in the making (the band was formed in 2008, releasing one killer demo in 2011 before retreating to the shadows), this debut record is nothing short of pure unadulterated hatred and loathing, weaponized into lethal obsidian form. Seriously, you can feel it dripping from every bared fang – this album just wants to rip off your head and shit down your neck. Snarling riffs lacerate flesh as percussion splinters bone; roaring throat gives way to sinister intonations that only further signify your doom… and it’s all over in an economical 30 minutes or less, leaving you to pick your flayed form up off the ground and wonder what the fuck just happened.

This apocalyptic beast unleashes in full on 15th June via Slovak Metal Army, Hexencave Productions and Necroeucharist Productions. Accordingly, we here at BMD are incredibly pleased to be presenting the exclusive full-stream assault here for you today alongside an in-depth interview with founding member Neptun about the album, what happened on the band’s hiatus, his inspirations and much more. So read on, listen… and brace yourselves to experience the pure evil of The Birth Of Hateful Existence.



Hails, Neptun! It’s great to be speaking to you today for the exclusive full-stream of The Birth of Hateful Existence, your debut album which has been a long time coming! With the band lying dormant for so many years, how does it feel to finally have the album recorded and unleashed?

– Greetings, Black Metal Daily. First of all, I’d like to thank you for offering us the space to express myself and for your interest in our new album. Of course, I am also greeting the fans and followers of this stream.

I have to admit that after all that process of writing, recording and production of the new stuff I am glad that the new album saw the light of the day at last. A lot of time and apparent inactivity passed between our 1st demo and debut album. Thus, writing the new compositions we felt a certain responsibility or commitment to avoid coming with something non-interesting or below average after almost ten years of hibernation. Fortunately, the reactions from around here are positive, so my answer to your question should be that I feel a big satisfaction and relief.

The album has been released as 100 pieces limited edition of 12″ vinyl on Necroeucharist Productions, as well as 100 pieces limited MC edition on Hexencave Productions, and last, but not least, as a CD album on Slovak Metal Army label. It’s a big satisfaction for us and we don’t hide that all that makes us happy.

After that first demo you mentioned, recorded in 2011, the band was put on hiatus. What was the reason behind this, and can you tell us a little about your efforts to restart the band afterwards? 

– Since its beginnings, the Dominion Of Suffering was a studio project with me and the guitarist Miroslav as the permanent members. In these times also Dr. Channard, our new guitarist, played in DOS as a guest. After the recording of our 1st demo I decided to relocate abroad, where I have lived until now. These times Miroslav, the guitarist, left the project and I as a founder have planned to revive it as soon as I settled down and stabilized my situation. Unfortunately, first because of the existential and later also due to personnel and health reasons, the project was more or less did not existing or non-active. In 2013 DOS again had a new line-up and we started to work on the new album as well, it was a 2-piece line-up again. Miroslav was replaced by the guitarist Virgin Killer (ex-Deathcult, ex-Black Sputum, ex-Thunderdeath), who unfortunately in July 2013 lost his fight with insidious disease. All that left from this cooperation was the song ‘DomiNation’ recorded on MC during one of the rehearsals, later added as a bonus to the 2016 12″ vinyl re-release of the demo. After the death of Virgin Killer there were several attempts to reactivate DOS, unfortunately with no success.

I was unaware of that – Rest In Power, Virgin Killer. Now, after those attempts the stars finally aligned in 2018, when members of Antiversum, Deathcult, Cruent, and ex-Traumalice came together and started to work on the new Dominion of Suffering material! How did this gathering of like-minded souls happen?

– I am very good friends with all current members of DOS. We have known each other for years and we had a lot of beers on the shows we visited or played. With the guitarist Dr. Channard we once blasted under the Nomenmortis war-banner, with Odia (guitar) I played in Traumalice, and with Quasar (Antiversum, Blakk Old Blood, DSKNT), vocals, we are friends with very similar music taste for years. I think the underground scene in Zurich is very strong and vital and it was only a matter of time that we joined our forces together and created something.

Was Dominion of Suffering material being worked on at all in the time between releases, or are all of these songs the result of this new lineup coming together?

– As I mentioned a bit in previous questions the new album was in the works already in 2013, Unfortunately, except for the ‘DomiNation’ track I’ve been talking of, not a single note survived these times. So, the new album is full of brand new songs written in 2018 – 2019. So there is nothing like some unrealized material. However, in the future I plan to re-record our demo from 2011 called Served To The Worms. But it’s just the music of the future.

Following on from that, how much do you feel the new member’s other projects (I’m a particularly big fan of Antiversum!) have influenced the sound of The Birth Of Hateful Existence

– I personally am too a huge fan of Antiversum. These days I also prepare a new black metal project called Herecia with Antiversum’s guitarist NKS. I was very glad when Quasar accepted my invitation to become the vocalist in DOS. But in the times of recording of the new songs with Dr. Channard, it was still unclear who will do vocals for the new album. Thus, the new songs were written according to our current inner feeling, being not adapted to anyone. Yet I must admit that Quasar created the atmosphere penetrating under your skin and you simply can’t be unsatisfied by something like that!!! 😀

The last track, ‘Trapped by the Event Horizon’, I didn’t even want to put on the album and I almost threw it out. But when Quasar did the vocals there, it was clear that this song simply must be on the album.

I’ll come back to that final track shortly, but first – the album title is certainly emblematic of the intent of the music itself, which is an impressively violent stream of pure vitriol and loathing. For this record, what has inspired your hate? 

– Thank you for a nice compliment. I am glad that our music affects you this way. I think my answer should be like this… The world we live, I literally feel disgusting. Consumption and commerce, various sick topics that move the world of today, arouse repulsion in me to what we are becoming. Today’s world is torn apart by globalization and various struggles of sick individuals, groups or minorities. This is the golden age of fools and it kills me. After years of musical inactivity that anger I feel because of all that around me simply burst out on the album. I feel that for the artist, regardless of the form of art he creates, nothing can be worse than frustration of life and inactivity. I’m not that much of a conflict person, so the feelings (mainly anger, hate, scorn, disgust) I express through the music and lyrics. It had to come out after all these years. I had an idea for us to create aggressive, dynamic and head-kicking material. And I think we succeed. I wouldn’t like to experience that, that our music would awaken the pleasant feelings in people!!!

Well, you’re safe – I don’t think it would ever make people feel pleasant! After your return, have you found those inspirations and your motivations for the project to be the same black flame that burned all those years ago when you first started Dominion of Suffering, or have they changed over time?

– In these moments, I’m glad I never gave up the idea of resurrecting DOS. Responses to The Birth of Hateful Existence are more than good. It started a new inspiration in us and the desire to create new things. As is the case in the world, one still has something to hate, because the well of human stupidity doesn’t seem to have a bottom. And that’s enough engine and driving force for me to come up with a new album.

The album is a quick punch to the face of all life with only four songs and an intro, clocking in at less than half an hour in length… what is the reason and thought behind such a short album? Did you have any more material that didn’t make the cut?

– In fact, I planned to release a 2-track EP only, but the work was going beyond our expectations, so in the end we had four compositions and the complete stuff had almost 30 minutes of playing time: I prefer quality to quantity, so we have focused on smaller number of songs in which we put everything we able to at that time. We play striking and dynamic black/death metal, where the maximum reasonable time of the recording is under 45 minutes. We don’t play atmospheric black nor doom metal, so the albums with a total length of one hour or more are out of the question. 

The main idea of the new album was to create a striking material which will make clear that we are back, full of power and new ideas. The materialized bestial hate. The The Birth of Hateful Existence album is a bloody appetizer, a harbinger of something that is yet to come… 

Third track and album centerpiece ‘Silentium Mortis’ is great, but also confusing – the music is utter carnage, but the title translates to “Silence of Death”. This track is not very silent! What’s the story behind this track?

– The ‘Silentium Mortis’ contains probably everything I adore and acknowledge in death/black metal. It’s uncompromising, striking and aggressive. In a way it’s a contrast between the lyrics and the dynamics of the song itself. The creative process in DOS dwells in making the music first and we write the lyrics only after the music is done. In the case of ‘Silentium Mortis’ it was the same way. The point is, that lyrics fit to Quasar with its length, so he just sang it to this song. The only lyrics I assigned to the particular song and insisted on it were the lyrics to ‘The Birth of Hateful Existence’ song.

The album’s ultimate composition ‘Trapped by the Event Horizon’ is a fascinating song, and also contains a sample from the film Event Horizon itself. Are you big fans of the film? Do the lyrics speak of it? If so, why did you decide to write this song about it?

– As I mentioned above, originally I didn’t want to publish the song ‘Trapped by the Event Horizon’ at all. I spent a lot of time thinking what to do with it, but in the end I left it on the album. This track was a kind of “wild card” for me, because I still had an inescapable feeling that it didn’t fit to the rest of the stuff. Today, after some time, I can say that it was a good decision to leave this song on the album.

The lyrics deal with the biblical conflict between the Creator and Lucifer and Lucifer’s subsequent exile. It’s written from the view of Lucifer himself and his exile as Bringer Of The Light became the mightiest power in the Universe, which even the light or time can’t escape. He is trapped by the Event Horizon, which is the border on the edge of the black hole, where everything disappears. I like to stylize my lyrics and thoughts to the environment of the inhospitable and cold universe. The universe always fascinated and attracted me. Especially its uncompromisingness and lethality. In my opinion, there are countless beautiful, but also dangerous things and civilizations; humanity would be unable to survive meeting with them, and this is what fascinates me and provokes my imagination.

I’m a huge fan of the Event Horizon movie (I saw it at least 30 times 😀 ), so I couldn’t resist and it was only natural that the intro had to be used from this movie. I even have a vinyl version of the soundtrack to this movie.

Man, I have to get that soundtrack, amazing film. But moving on… the cover art for the record almost looks like a microscope image of some type of lethal virus, which is quite fitting given the situation that the world finds itself in. Was that a total coincidence? What was the original intention behind the image?

– The cover of the new album and what it depicts has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic 😀 At the time when the cover art for The Birth of Hateful Existence was created we had no idea about any pandemic and even if we had, we are not some of those putting the selfie of Chinese flu virus on their cover.

The cover had to correspond with the title and mood of the album. The primary idea of the cover was to create a sense of concern and leave to the listener, who will explain the image he was looking at in his own way. From my point of view, it was supposed to be the birth of something really bad; the primeval essence of hatred and anger. The birth of something destructive and ruthless, which has been here with us since the creation of the universe and is present in every being and civilization not only in our universe, but in parallel universes as well.

Simply the primordial, pure and perfect essence of evil.

Speaking of this lethal virus – for a band filled with hatred, these must be interesting times as you watch the planet hit by this disease. What are your thoughts on the current state of the world and humanity at large? 

– As I already mentioned a bit above, I despise mankind in many questions and for a lot of reasons. Be it politics, globalization, wars, pressure from the side of some religions, activists, non-government organizations and movements, the refugee crisis and dictates associated with it, all these things are the topics that don’t leave me cold. The COVID-19 is just an “icing on the cake” of it all. I don’t watch the media that much, but social media is full of it. I don’t live in the center of the infection nor know anyone who contracted that virus, or even died from it. I felt the pandemics and a treat mostly when some “clever” individuals decided to not leave a single piece of toilet paper in the store 😀

But jokes aside… the pandemic hit the whole world and worsened life for a lot of people, artists and bands. A big number of cancelled shows, festivals, postponed releases of the new albums speak for themselves. I really hope that things will return to normal ASAP.

If I am not mistaken the demo was recorded in Slovakia, and the new album has now been created in Switzerland. Given that the project has moved countries, what do you feel the differences are between their respective black/death metal scenes? Which is more suited to Dominion of Suffering?

– Our new album was recorded in both mentioned countries, this means Slovakia and Switzerland. Dr. Channard, the guitarist, resides permanently in Slovakia, so the main part of the guitars, the bass and the drums were recorded in Slovakia in Martin Barla’s recording studio, which is highly valued and sought for in the Slovak metal waters. We continue to work with Martin until today, being very satisfied with the job he’s doing.

The rest of the recording, i.e. vocals, guitar and leads were recorded in Swiss studio Osa Crypt. Again, it’s the studio with which we have good experiences and the cooperation on the new album is more than sure also in this case.

I consider the UG scenes, the Slovak and the Swiss as well, to be very strong, and both gave to rise excellent bands like Slovak Infer, Krolok, Malokarpatan, Goatcraft, Goholor, etc., or Swiss like Deathcult, Antiversum, Funeralopolis, Blakk Old Blood, Bölzer etc. DOS feels good in the dark waters of both these UG scenes. /,,/ 

Great bands. And finally – will we have to wait nine more years for the next release? Is there more Dominion of Suffering on the way, and if so, what can you tell us about the new material?

– There was more than enough of vegetation state. DOS is back with the strength, with an alloy of black metal and cold death circulating in its veins. The works on the new album have already begun. If everything will go as it is supposed to go, it will be preceded with the split album we would like to release before the end of this year. But in these times, when COVID-19 thwarted the plans of a lot of bands around the globe, it’s difficult to say the release deadline. Anyway, we use the isolation for writing new songs and lyrics. The full-length album of approximately 35 to 40 minutes we would like to release somewhere during the year 2021.

Excellent. And that’s it – sincerest thanks for your time today, Neptun! Congratulations on the killer debut album. Any final words or wisdom for us all?

– The pleasure was on our side. We would like to thank you for the space and support. 

For the end, maybe something like that – better than “sowing the seeds of wisdom” I would like to ask the fans and followers of this stream to stay firm and to support the scene, bands and labels as much as it is possible even in these times of crisis. There is no future and meaning without you. It just doesn’t work without you!!!

Stay Metal!!!

The Birth Of Hateful Existence releases 15th June via Slovak Metal Army, Hexencave Productions and Necroeucharist Productions. Pre-orders available now.


Purchase The Birth Of Hateful Existence on LP from the Slovak Metal Army webstore HERE, on digital/LP/CD from Bandcamp HERE, or on cassette from the Hexencave Productions webstore HERE.



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