ALBUM PREMIERE: ‘Dark Rites Of The Mystic Order’ by GODLESS NORTH


Dark Rites of the Mystic Order


As you’re clicking on this premiere and beginning to alight your eyes on these feverishly scrawled sentences, you could be thinking one of three things. If you’re relatively fresh to the grim arts you’re likely thinking “this looks kinda cool. Might check it out”. The second, if you’ve been dabbling in darkness for a while now: “Album premiere? Isn’t this the demo from 1998?”. And the third, for those souls so buried in blackness and filth that all hope of redemption has long been forsaken: “Holy shit, this is FINALLY being released on LP? Where the fuck is my credit card??”

All three of those reactions would be an acceptable response to the news that the exemplary Nebular Carcoma Records has seen fit to bestow the long-awaited and highly deserved vinyl treatment upon Dark Rites Of The Mystic Order, the 1998 debut demo of elite Canadian cult GODLESS NORTH. One of the most esteemed bands in the deep Canadian underground, members of Blasphemy and countless more have passed through their ranks but for this first offering the original trio of founder Othalaz (also Gloria Diaboli, Deus Inferi, ex-Rites Of Thy Degringolade) Oblak Ilking and W. Mason (both of Golers) was all that was needed to create a statement that would last through the ages.

From the bombastic, epic menace of ‘Intro’ to the four tracks of annihilating raw black fury that follow, this demo has always screamed “classic” and arguably still remains the most perfect distillation of their intentions and the best thing the project has ever released. Even after decades have passed ‘Northern Hordes’ hits like hammer blows, raining down in cold, cruel relentlessness and reminding of the ancient Polish scene. ‘Wolf’s Kin’ continues the onslaught with murderous intent as riffs from the savage realms of purgatory shred flesh from bone, then ‘Everlasting Winter Winds’ propels itself forward by sheer indomitable force of will and the grim Norwegian-style blood coursing in its veins… before the ultimate ‘Warmoon’ still hits all new levels of obliteration, the sum of all previous elements solidified into a final lethal blast of weaponized hatred.

However, that’s not all this time around. For this first ever vinyl release, an unreleased track has been unearthed – a gloriously envenomed and moonlit cover of Burzum‘s ‘Dunkelheit’, the perfect conclusion to temper and focus the impenetrable darkness of the demo’s original tracks. “When night falls…” indeed.

What more needs to be said? Listen to the exclusive full-stream of the entire demo and bonus Burzum cover above, then ready your wallets for July 2nd when the past comes alive more than ever before. Hails.

Dark Rites Of The Mystic Order releases 2nd July via Nebular Carcoma Records.


Purchase Dark Rites Of The Mystic Order on LP from the Nebular Carcoma Records store HERE on July 2nd.


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