ALBUM PREMIERE & INTERVIEW: ‘Proclamation ov the Black Suns’ by DKHARMAKHAOZ


There is no flesh

Only darkness in the air


Throughout time, eclipses have oft been regarded as omens. Myriad ancient cultures across the globe have created complex mythologies to explain their occurence and significance, which often included otherworldly beings stealing, or even eating the sun. The Vietnamise have believed that a solar eclipse was caused by a giant frog devouring our system’s brightest star. The Norse blamed wolves. Korean folklore suggests that eclipses happen because mythical dogs are trying to steal the golden ball of flames, whilst in Chinese lore a celestial dragon was thought to lunch on it. Hindu mythology says Rahu, the snake demon disguised as a god, is beheaded by the gods for capturing and drinking Amrita, the gods’ nectar – Rahu‘s severed head then flies off into the sky and swallows the sun whole. People in cultures everywhere have banded together to make as much noise as possible during an eclipse, banging pots and pans, shouting and chanting, as it has been thought that making such a din frightens the demon that must be causing the eclipse away… however, no amount of racket, no offering to any anthropomorphic deities, no babbled prayers or platitudes will be able to stop the sublime apocalypsis of this particular eclipse – Proclamation ov the Black Suns, debut album of Belarusian duo DKHARMAKHAOZ.

Exclusively streaming in full for you today thanks to the ineffable might of Iron Bonehead Productions, these seven chthonic rites (summoned solely by an enigmatic duo only known as HE and SHE) are imbued with the power of the ancients. With churning low end under dread-inducing leads and lacerating vocals each muscular composition flexes and twists, writhing with barely contained energies. Taut sinew compresses and splinters bone with inexorable force, dismembering your mesmerized corporeal form and slowly, according to the sigils of the void, reassembling it into a new form. For this cataclysm is one of transformation, and at the end of it, you will be forever changed.

Aside from the streaming of this auspicious debut before it drops on digital, LP and CD on July 31st, we’ve also been bestowed with the rare privilege to hear HE speak – and it may be the only time His voice ever alights upon the ears of mortals, so pay attention. Heed His words, and prostrate yourself before the Proclamations... this eclipse IS an omen. The suns are black, and the end times have arrived.



Greetings Dkharmakhaoz! It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you for the full-stream of your annihilating debut album, Proclamation ov the Black Suns. Now, I cannot locate much information about you online at all, so I must ask: what is Dkharmakhaoz, how did it form, and what is your intended purpose?

– Greets! Yes, there is almost nothing about us on the internet and it’s obvious because Dkharmakhaoz is an absolutely new project. Basically, this project is started by me (HE) who stands behind all that related to. SHE was invited to this project as a vocalist because she was able to convey needed hatred and aggression with her voice. I consider this project an underground project, hence I don’t have any intended purpose such as getting a big amount of auditorium or sharing great ideas to listeners because there is nothing completely new and everything I convey is individual in some sense. I just transmit the chaos and darkness that I have insight and if you understand that, then we’re on the same path.

All I know about the entities behind it all are your names: HE and SHE. Who are you? What is the reason for this anonymity?

– It is not a matter of anonymity at all. Who cares about our real names? We are not public persons, this information is pretty boring, I don’t think that somebody can be interested in it. Music should tell everything it’s needed that’s an idea.

Your debut is entitled Proclamation ov the Black Suns – to what does this title refer? Is it indicative of the overarching themes of the album?

– Sure, the album has a monolith concept. All songs tell one story and on the other hand, they can be considered as independent singles. I don’t want to reveal the entire concept as I believe the listeners will be able to catch it themselves. But in a few words, it’s about hate that leads a man to address chthonic darkness which in turn gives the enlightenment and ancient evil experience to him. The man starts his transformation absorbing the dark gift and transcendentally watches as a dark entity brings chaos and death to the different dimensions. The man’s “outer body” reaches the awareness of the black universe and the great nothing. Finally, the man ascends between the black suns of chaos and finishes its transformation as a part of the ancient dark entity and leaves the body forever. Lyrics come as a description of thoughts and events, dialogs between the man and the dark entity, and it’s written in more or less primitive form in order to show and express the hate and aggression. So I think it’s not difficult to go throughout the entire story that the album reveals.

Whilst listening and researching this piece I’ve been fascinated by all that I have seen and heard, and have also been trying to pin down the inspirations and philosophy framework that Dkharmakhaoz seems to operate within to deliver its message. Your mention of Mahapralaya (the “Great Dissolution”) suggests Indian philosophy, or Hinduism. Would this be correct?

– Not exactly. In the context of the album idea, it would be more correct to use thanatosophy term instead of philosophy. Yes, there is a mention of Mahapralaya in the album, as well as Kali Ma, Israfel, Azazel, Khors, and others. In general Proclamation ov the Black Suns is about ancient darkness that has many names and mentions in different creeds, religions, and ideologies. But with its variety of forms, it’s about similar things. So, yes, I drew inspiration from different sources at some point, particularly from Hinduism as well. And all the terms and the names are just allusions those intended to make the listener able to imagine the malicious pictures I described looking on it through the prism of chaos. 

The album’s ultimate composition Reu Nu Pert Em Hru refers to The Book Of The Dead – what is the significance of having this as the final track on the album?

– Yes, The Book Of The Dead or Book of Emerging Forth into the Light. This is a final song on the album and it’s about leaving the physical body and ascending with an outer body that singularly shines between the black suns of the merged dimensions. So now everybody can draw parallels to that in the context of the album concept.

The sound of Proclamation… expertly blends the ancient with the modern, drawing from the primordial core of blackness yet also infused with a crushing apocalyptic modernity. I’m struck by its ferocity – it’s almost as though you are acting as a conduit for external forces. What was the writing and general creative process like for the album? How did you strike upon such a sound?

– I wanted to express the music the most hateful and aggressive way I can and the modern riffs come itself when you use the 8-string guitar for this. So if you noticed it, then it works and I reached the goal. 

The album cover art is especially intriguing. Who is the artist, and what is the piece intended to signify?

– This picture was not prepared especially for this album. I tried to work with different artists but I was getting nothing that matched the concept of the album. Finally, I found this picture that really matches the concept and atmosphere of the music from my point of view and dealt with the artist to use it as cover art. This picture is drawn by Suguru Konagai from Japan. I appreciate working with him.

The record is rather suitably being released under the banner of the mighty Iron Bonehead Productions. How did this partnership come about, and are you pleased with the assistance received thus far?

– For sure, I appreciate that Patrick liked this stuff and made this release real. 

With such an accomplished debut album already under your belts, what lies in the future for Dkharmakhaoz? Are you already working on new material?

– At this moment I’m not. This album was recorded about 3 years ago and I had many problems to finish it and make it real so I need to have a rest for a bit. As practice shows, new material comes very unexpectedly in my case, so let’s see what will be next.

And finally, regarding the full-stream of Proclamation ov the Black Suns today, I shall leave the last thoughts about it to you. For everyone who is currently listening to the album in full for the first time as they read this, what do you hope for them to obtain from the experience?

– I don’t like to give interviews, so probably it’s my first and last at once. It seems I told enough about it, so y’all can release your beasts and enjoy the album, or just pass cause it’s obviously not for everyone. 

Sincerest thanks for your time today, and the stunning album. Any final words or wisdom for us all?

– Thank you too, I appreciate you like it. There is no wisdom we’re able to admit while we’re here but obvious postulates only. So let’s leave it as is. Farewell.


Proclamation ov the Black Suns releases July 31st via Iron Bonehead Productions. Pre-orders available now.


Pre-order Proclamation ov the Black Suns digitally from the Dkharmakhaoz Bandcamp HERE, the Iron Bonehead Bandcamp HERE, or purchase on LP and CD from the Iron Bonehead store HERE on July 31st.



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