Wolf Dance


Does your pagan heart long for the ancient days of Polish glories? When the likes of Veles, Graveland and Infernum were ruling the black metal scene of the ’90s? Long no more. For now those days return, clenched tightly in the jaws of the wolf – SZARY WILK is here.

Bursting through the gates of chaos with their first demo in 2018, the Polish now-trio of Reaper, Piastyr and Czuly are back with a stunning full-length album of sinister blood mysticism, appropriately entitled Wrath. An immense work of remarkable authenticity despite its relative freshness, you may have already been ensnared by the pair of striking compositions that are already streaming (‘Mortuos Voco’ and the titular ‘Wrath’). Well, we here at BMD are now incredibly honoured to partner with esteemed bastion of the underground Putrid Cult in unleashing a third offering unto the earth, before the album releases in full February 15th – the stirring ‘Wilczy Taniec’.

Storming forth with fury, the track wastes no time at all in stamping its hatred upon you. Victorious rhythms and melodies that sound as though the last quarter-century never happened build into all-conquering waves of moonlit savagery and glorious, soul-searing majesty; a truly excellent dual vocal assault roaring underneath it all to fire the blood ever further. And that’s the intention of this lupine call – to completely and utterly enflame your spirit, to revel in the night… to entice you to give yourself over, and to kill with the Grey Wolves.

Adorned with magnificently visceral cover art emblemizing the powerful nature of the music itself, Wrath is undoubtedly a release that will burn itself onto your mind for the remainder of the year and beyond. So, listen deeply. Hear the howl of the wolves as they hunt. The glorious times of old have returned… and their name is Szary Wilk.

Wrath releases 19th February via Putrid Cult.


Pre-order Wrath digitally from Bandcamp HERE or on CD from the Putrid Cult webstore HERE.



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